Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my delivery?
In most cases, we will email you a tracking number for Fed-Ex or UPS for the convenience to track down your shipment. Shipments will usually arrive no later than 3 pm next day.


What to expect in your shipment box?
Whether its live lobster, or fresh shrimp, we will always ship using a insulated styrofoam box that will contain frozen gel packs. The frozen gel packs will last much longer than regular ice without all the mess. Our gel packs are non-toxic and reusable. Stay green and reuse the boxes and gel packs for your next picnic or travel occasion.


How come some of my orders did not come?
We always strive to bring the freshest seafood to you at all times and we will not cut corners to make a dollar. Most of the items that we carry online, are year round products that our fishermen catch on a daily basis. Due to poor weather or quota based products restricted by the fishing council, we cannot guarantee a certain product if you place an order for a future date. We will always contact you via phone or email to let you know if the product is not available or if you want to order a substitute.


How come I ordered a 2 lb lobster and I received a bigger one?
At we will always deliver a product that is minimum to the one that you ordered, many times, it will be even more. Our product is usually packed and shipped immediately upon receiving your order. Due to the nature of live lobsters, they may have a little drip loss due to being air shipped. Our promise to you is “ we ship for what you pay for, never less but sometimes more!”


I have other questions that I need to be answered! How can I contact you?
You can always email us at for any questions regarding shipping, service, availability or even if you just have seafood questions in general. We encourage you to email us to get the best possible service. We love educating our consumers on seafood and trends so you can be in the loop. We will be updating our blogs constantly to bring you up to speed on what kind of seafood is coming in daily.


What seafood are sustainable? What can I do to protect the environment? will always try to be environmentally friendly in what they purchase and what they sell. We will not carry any seafood products that are endangered or have a huge negative impact on our oceans. If you have any questions regarding any seafood, please feel free to email us at and we will answer you through email.