Live Fourchu Lobsters

Live Fourchu Lobsters

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This Canadian crustacean has been the talk of the New York City restaurant and culinary scene.  Several renowned media powerhouses such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Grub Street and Time magazine have been writing and raving about this gem naming it the "Rolls Royce of Lobsters" and the “Kobe Beef of Lobsters.”  From Stone Barns to The International Culinary Center, this product is being snapped up by chefs in the know.

Why?  Because it comes from off the coast of the humble, foggy but incredibly beautiful village of Fourchu on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (pop. 47).  People often speak of 'terroir' (the flavor influence of the soil) with the taste of wine.  Wine is a product of the soil and climate where it is grown.  The same can be said of lobster.  Since the lobsters feed off the bottom of the ocean floor, there is a difference in taste where they live.  A sandy floor will give you a muddy lobster taste, a lobster kept in a pound with thousand of other lobsters for a month will taste of nothing since the feed they get is industrial.  The Fourchu lobster benefits from the microclimate created by the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current with an all natural, organic and incredibly rich ocean floor.  It has it's “meroir” taste of the sea.  Far out in the Atlantic, Fourchu sits off the Labrador current which is extremely cold (hence sweet meat) and the rocky deep ocean floor has rich marine proteins and flora from the Gulf Stream.  And these lobsters know how to have fun!  Local lore has it that the Fourchu fisherman have been known to sprinkle gin on the alder wooden traps!

The price might seem expensive but Fourchu lobsters must be shipped in small batches to our holding facilities in New York City that are kept in state-of-the-art salt water tanks, with care, to retain its unique flavor.

Unlike regular lobsters, Fourchu lobsters are only available for TEN weeks out of the entire year (late May - late July) and are limited supply.

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